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Jessica Arnold

Superstar Consultant


My Story

If I can take a moment and give you a little background about me. My name is Jessica Arnold. I have been blessed with a career that Im very passionate about. What is that passion? People Helping People!! I have worked with Credit Unions for close to nineteen years. I Would not change any of it!. I have worked with Credit Unions since the age of 18. I started on the front line as teller. I had been fortunate during this time to teach our youth about financial literacy and much much more. That was just a perk! I have worked hard throughout the years to get where I am now. In April of 2020 I earned my Director title and decided that Scentsy was to become full time for me. I decided to resign my full time Credit Union Director position and focus on Scentsy and my phenomenal team. It not only makes me super happy to have now my dream job, but I am I have accepted change, fails, tears, sweat, motivation, and growth in leadership! I have had so many great leaders and mentors. Well let me tell you, Scentsy is a huge passion of mine. I have been buying the products for over 13 years. So let me coach and mentor you to reach your personal goals!

I joined Scentsy January of 2018. Why not? I love the products!
I have since then earned my Director title and I am working very hard to reach Superstar Director. I have earned a trip for two to Colorado Springs, a trip to our awesome Family reunion in North Carolina, and recently just received the 2021 Sales excellence award. I love coaching and mentoring new consultants to watch them flourish and grow in this fantastic Scentsy family business.

Please always feel free to reach out to me with any questions about products and joining. Im always looking for new team members to join me on my journey and help you make yours a reality as I did mine. Having fun is a must!

Do what you love and love what you do!
I am always here to help! I will coach you and motivate you the entire time .My goal is to help YOU meet your personal goals! You set them and achieve them with our team and our awesome training support we have at our fingertips!

It is all about the fun, friendships, and products! Do you want to earn your products for free? Do you want to earn extra funds? Do you love Scentsy? That is your first step! Message me for further details. Take the first step! If you join you Work when you want, Earn products, cash, make new friends, clientele, and level up for free trips, raises, awards, and more.

A huge Thank you to all of you that have supported my Scentsy business! Much love to you all! Please feel free to join and share my Facebook group, Scentsy by Jessica Arnold and contact info!

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